Reduce Uncertainity

We draw upon our decades of learning and expertise in implementing value added technical implementations across key enterprise apps & open source stacks.

... implying lesser risk.

Although technology outsourcing is mainstream, yet most corporates are hesitant to evaluate new partners. The reasons vary but can be classified as below:

  • Technical expertise is shallow
  • Lack of domain understanding resulting in buggy code base
  • Poor project management leading to implementation disasters
  • Goal misalignment between vendor and sponsor

... Bluecrest addresses each one of the above.

On Prem to Cloud

Avoid the pitfalls in terms of cost escalations and execution delays by following Bluecrest's Dos and Don'ts of cloud migration.

Test Driven Development

Agile can be deceptive! Ensure good quality and bug free code by following the reliable TDD development methodology.

Data Warehousing & Management

Decentralized ETL pipelines that just work!

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Mission critical business KPI insights delivered intuitively on all form factors in the most user friendly manner.

Core Technology Skills

Cloud Technology

We specialize in migrating on premise application landscape to cloud in a cost optimized manner.

Database Technology

We specialize in working with cloud based, no-sql and structured big data bases to power your data warehouses and analytics at scale.

Enterprise Stacks - CRM, BI, ERP

Experiened resources in some the most popular enterprise applications and tools.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Have worked with global clients on implementing supervised & unsupervised learning algorithms including natural language processing.

Backend Web Stack

We have more than 15 years of experience in building web API using Microservices based architectures.

Front End Web Stack

Extensive experince in building modern responsive web apps. Specialized experience in charting, plotting and data visualization tools.

DLT & Blockchain Technologies

Successfully implemented two projects in DLT technologies for private, role based data/document sharing.

Outsource the mundane

Experienced founders with successful exit ensure that you get deep understanding of the domain

... implying more value for your money.

Business processes are quite key to the sole of any corporate. Yet, there are many non-core activities that take away significant management efforts resulting in sub optimal resource allocation, such as :

  • Process multiple feeds from vendors with data validation
  • Accumulate unstructured data from secondary sources
  • Generate insights from data with an outsider view
  • Backend process support

... trust Bluecrest to simplify these for you.

Intelligent Data Automation

Use simple but effective Web Parsing or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools to acquire data and simply data management

Backend Support

Use cost and scale arbitrage to outsource work by FTE. By leveraging similar skills across clients, Bluecrest can offer a significant value add over traditional outsourcing operations in Financial Services, Retail and e-Commerce.

Trust with Confidentiality

All business confidential information to be handled with trust. ISO 9000 certified for maintaining adequate safeguards.

Business Insights

Experience human assited machine learning generated data insights for fresher perspective into your KPI management

Client Case Studies

Founded by professionals

establised 2005

All of Bluecret's key management are first generation entrepreneurs with a rich and varied experience across verticals who believe in being hands on and managing projects from the initiation right up to completion


Key Management

Prasanna Walimbe

Chief Technology Officer

Successful FinTech Entrepreneur. Seasoned in setting up offshore solution centers.

Vinay Hinge

Head Marketing & Alliances

Trusted Advisor to Retailers on Technology and Operations with large corporates and startups alike.

Venkat Chalasani

Co Founder

Financial Investment Management Veteran with varied exposure in customizing technology solutions globally.

Atul Panditrao

Enterprise Cloud Architect

Specialist in Solution Architecture (esp cloud), Operationalisation of Data Management initiatives.


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